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Big News! My novel, "Necromancer & Co.," is now available

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Oct. 31st, 2011 | 09:31 pm

This is why my novel was taken down here a few months ago: "Necromancer & Co." is now available from JMS Books (directly from the site or from Amazon) in hardcover and Kindle editions. Here's the blurb:

In the city of Sylian Tul, licensed necromancer Ander Waeryn has his hands full.

His wife’s family -- one of the most powerful of the ancient Armiger clans -- just want their wayward daughter to come to her senses and return to the family estate. As an Aelf, Ander isn’t even supposed to have been allowed to study magic, much less a dodgy specialty like necromancy. And it’s harder every day to make a living in the slums of the soot-stained, steam-powered capital of the human-run empire.

Then his latest paying commission goes horribly wrong, and suddenly the Metropolitan Investigation Office’s only Consulting Necromancer is in the middle of a case that has the city ready to boil over. As mobs take to the streets and the city’s press -- led by Ander's ex-lover -- fan the flames, Ander is torn between an investigation the police won’t allow to proceed ... and a horror from the past that shouldn’t exist.

My page at my publisher's site: Necromancer & Co. at JMS Books

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