Big News! My novel, "Necromancer & Co.," is now available

This is why my novel was taken down here a few months ago: "Necromancer & Co." is now available from JMS Books (directly from the site or from Amazon) in hardcover and Kindle editions. Here's the blurb:

In the city of Sylian Tul, licensed necromancer Ander Waeryn has his hands full.

His wife’s family -- one of the most powerful of the ancient Armiger clans -- just want their wayward daughter to come to her senses and return to the family estate. As an Aelf, Ander isn’t even supposed to have been allowed to study magic, much less a dodgy specialty like necromancy. And it’s harder every day to make a living in the slums of the soot-stained, steam-powered capital of the human-run empire.

Then his latest paying commission goes horribly wrong, and suddenly the Metropolitan Investigation Office’s only Consulting Necromancer is in the middle of a case that has the city ready to boil over. As mobs take to the streets and the city’s press -- led by Ander's ex-lover -- fan the flames, Ander is torn between an investigation the police won’t allow to proceed ... and a horror from the past that shouldn’t exist.

My page at my publisher's site: Necromancer & Co. at JMS Books

A little novel news...

The chapters of 'Necromancer & Co.' -- my novel -- that I had posted here have disappeared from the internets... fortunately, there's a very good reason for this, which I hope to say more about very soon...
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So a month ago I took off for a few days (weeks) to prep an entry for a webcomics contect at The Escapist... nope, I didn't win. But I thought I developed a moderately sweet idea for a webcomic; in fact, I created a four-strip, full-color mini-run of it. So... I'm giving myself a short breather (short version: day job's kicking my ass) by running it. "Omnidynamix" will run this week and next at

Aaaaand I'm back.

If you're following this, Yos is back up at the main Yos page (or it will be up when Midnight hits in whatever timezone Webcomicsnation is keyed to). February beat me like I was a rented mule; I would have had a strip up March 1, but I worked 14 hours+ on Sunday, on top of two days of similar length earlier in the week. The contest materials have been submitted, so I'm going to try to get back on schedule here.

Vacation (all I ever wanted...)

Vacation (had to get away). Let's make it official (if you're still checking Yossarian and, if you are, thanks). I'm on vacation this month. And not just because I'm approaching burn-out at work (and need to recharge the Yossarian battery) -- a video game site I follow is holding a webcomics contest, with a paid (as in PAID) webcomics contract as the prize.

It's probably not much money, but it would be exposure. And since the economy fell off the edge of the world the small community newspapers I used to sell freelance 'toons to haven't been buying, so...

I dithered a bit, but I'm going for it, and I've been working on ideas this past week (those are a few sketches above). The rights issues don't look too heinous (for paid work), but I still don't want to enter any of my longstanding characters or ideas -- everything about the submission will be new work, just for their contest and, hopefully, target market.

It looks like the rights language means I should still be able to post my submissions on my own site, so I'll probably put them up over at my webcomicsnation site.

One way or another, I'll be back with more Yossarian after the end of the month (when the contest closes). Wish me luck.

Webcomics Nation down?

It appears that Webcomics Nation (hosting Yossarian ) is down... apparently someone forgot to renew their domain name while they were off at Comic Con? Breakfast of the Gods and Skin Horse (both WAAAAY better known that Yos) have been down too. Update is delayed until someone gets back from San Diego and gets over their Red Bull hangover...

The inevitable 'Lost' post

So, the statue (in whose shadow Jacob lives) most closely resembled Sebek, a crocodile-headed god. Sebek is depicted according to some sources as a chaos-god, as well as a god of waters -- specifically, the Nile. Could be Set; Set generally is shown with tall ears as well as a long, curved snout. Either Sebek or Set -- Set may have been a later form of Sebek -- shows up as the opponent of the 'good' god, Horus. What's that? No, nor "Horace," the mild Dharma dude with the glasses and shaggy hair, Horus. I'm sure the similarity is a coincidence. Horus was Set/Sebek's brother...

According to some interpretations, the struggle between Horus and Set is mirrored in the Bible in the struggle between the twin sons (together in the womb, but not really 'identical') Jacob and Esau. Jacob stole (hairy) Esau's birthright, and Esau never quite forgave him. Jacob represented Horus, Esau represented Set... Oh, one other thing. Horus was son of Isis by Osiris, undead/reborn god of the underworld. Statues of Isis and the baby Horus are generally seen as a model for early Xtian madonna & child art.

So... is Jacob Horus? Is this all a struggle between Set/Esau and Horus/Jacob? Is 'Horace' the island's Jesus figure? What DID happen to the rest of the statue?

Back from root canal-imposed vacation

I took a little vacation from drawing Yossarian after a spot of dental work last week, but I'm back. I just want to note special thanks to geoticenochian for finding the strip and my novel during that time, and keeping me going with comments and typo catches. It's much appreciated.